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Supra Key & Lockboxes

Before a Member Can Obtain a Supra Key, They Must Complete the Following Steps:

If you are an Affiliate member (home inspector or pest control professional), please contact East Tennessee REALTORS for information about obtaining a Supra key.

Supra Lockboxes

If you bought lockboxes from another agent that were originally purchased from East Tennessee REALTORS and you wish to transfer them into your name, you and the seller of the boxes must sign a Lockbox Transfer Form.  There is no warranty on boxes that were not originally purchased from East Tennessee REALTORS.

The cost for new Supra Lockboxes is $135 per box, which includes a lifetime warranty for Association members.

If you have a lockbox that has malfunctioned on a house or has a battery life of five percent or less, you may bring it into the Association office for a replacement.  If a lockbox has malfunctioned on a house, you may use any means necessary to remove it, including cutting the shackle with bolt cutters. We do not mind if you have to bring us the lockbox in pieces. As long as the lockbox number on the side of the device is legible, we are happy to exchange it for you.

PLEASE NOTE:   Because we have no means of opening a box to retrieve key(s), we strongly recommend that you have a spare key(s) of the listing on hand, as we must return all faulty lockboxes to Supra.

Supra Lockbox FAQ

Instructions on How to Access Supra BT LE Lockboxes

Videos on How to Access Supra BT LE Lockboxes

Lockbox Rules

How to Locate your eKey Serial Number

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