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Benevolent Fund

The East Tennessee REALTORS® Benevolent Fund is one of only a dozen of its kind at REALTOR® associations nationwide. This Benevolent Fund provides assistance to Association members and their families, who can demonstrate severe financial hardship due to prolonged illness, catastrophic event or accident, or similar occurrence beyond their control.

The East Tennessee REALTORS® Benevolent Fund relies solely on the donations from the community and is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, making all contributions tax deductible.

The Benevolent Fund’s Board of Directors is responsible for promoting its existence, coordinating special fundraising projects, and for the confidential approval and administration of any financial assistance. Initial Board of Directors members are Jim Oakley, Marianne Azambuja, Betsy Coleman, Mansour Hasan, Pat McGill, and Diana Traylor. East Tennessee Realtors CEO Lyle Irish serves as the Executive Director of the Fund.

East Tennessee REALTORS Benevolent Fund logo

If you would like to make a contribution, you can call the The East Tennessee REALTORS® office and pay with a credit card, or mail in a check (made out to East Tennessee Realtors Benevolent Fund) to 609 Weisgarber Rd. Knoxville, TN 37919.

A very special thanks to the East Tennessee Realtors affiliates for their fundraising efforts to help make sure the Fund starts off with money in its coffers.

For questions, send an email to

Gold Partners

Kelly White, Realtor

Lyle Irish, East Tennessee Realtors CEO

Silver Partners


Elizabeth Wright, Realtor


Marian Epps, Realtor

Bronze Partners

Jim Oakley, Realtor

Elizabeth McDaniel, Realtor

Mansour Hasan, State Farm Insurance

Vicki Williams, Movement Mortgage

Diana Traylor, Realtor

Shannon Foster-Boline, Realtor

Justin Bailey, Realtor

Kim Isenberg, Realtor

Sally Sparks, Realtor

Betsy Coleman, Realtor

Angel Scott, Realtor